Wednesday Nights at 6 beginning January 5th.

We will begin a new Bible Study on 1/5/22 at 6PM in room 113 entitled "Women of the Word: Ho to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Minds" by Jen Wilkin

Please join me, Cathy McAlister in Room 113 on Wednesday nights at 6:00 beginning January 5 - February 16. We will use the work of Jen Wilkin and others in a study based on Wilkin's book, "Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Minds." As a teacher I know what a difference having a good study skill "toolbox can make.Connecting good study skills with the most important book we have, the Word of the Living God, seems so logical. It's not always easy to understand the Bible, and many times we find ourselves accepting the opinions and interpretations of others because we don't feel qualified or know how to study the Bible on our own. If we depend on this secondhand version of God's word, how can it work in our lives and hearts? Come join me, let's go through this together. We will be doing most of the work in class, but there will be a short reading request each week that will take about 20 minutes total. I am nothing more than an imperfect sinner who can speak in front of others, I will try to add a little humor and will ask for a lot of grace as I bring us together to do this important work.