August 26 - 7 - 9PM /// August 27 - 9AM - 1PM

We’ve all experienced the feeling- the one where even the very thought of a certain person or incident causes your chest to tighten and your stomach to drop. Most often, that sensation is a byproduct of unforgiveness. Mercifully, God has a game plan guaranteed to give you victory over the torment. This message is not a magic formula or built around strict to-do lists. Rooted in scripture, the Forgiving Forward teaching will help you put God’s plan for defeating torment into action and give you the tools to coach others to victory.

In the Forgiving Forward Seminar you will learn:

  • How to be free from your past wounds forever
  • Why God expects forgiven people to forgive others
  • How Jesus forgave
  • How forgiveness and faith are connected
  • Heaven’s protocols for forgiveness
  • How to know you’ve completely forgiven
  • How to help someone else forgive and find freedom

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